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The Clark County Solid Waste District offers classroom presentations that focus on litter prevention and recycling.

Program Specialist Sam Perin does presentations on recycling, composting, and nature-related subjects. Sam has worked as a recycling educator for more than 11 years. The content of each grade specific program aligns with ODE’s New Learning Standards, which allows teachers to utilize these programs to enhance lesson plans while also providing students with a hands-on opportunity to learn about recycling and taking care of the environment.

Tours of the Clark County Recycling Center provide a good look at one part of the recycling process. Tours are best for groups no larger than 25. The District may be able to subsidize all or part of the cost of a bus for a field trip.

For information or to schedule a tour or presentation, call Sam Perin at 521-2022 or e-mail at  sperin@clarkcountyohio.gov.

Schools Eligible for Waste Reduction Program

The District offers a Waste Reduction Program for educators who want to promote waste reduction in their schools. Contracts are for amounts up to $500 and can be used to purchase equipment for recycling or for field trips or other events to educate about recycling and waste reduction. See the application form here.

Go Green Initiative is a grassroots environmental program that provides schools with tools to examine environmental concerns.

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Curriculum Resources

Project WILD and Aquatic WILD contain wildlife-focused conservation activities for K-12 teachers.  State wildlife, conservation, and education agencies have developed these curricula to foster responsible actions toward wildlife and natural resources. The District has copies available for loan. Or go to the Project WILD web site.

Windows on Waste is a curriculum that meets the state standards for grades 4-6 in science. The curriculum introduces students to solid waste and recycling issues. Call 521-2022 for a free copy.