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Recycling Makes $ense

Recycling in your business can affect your bottom line.

Recycling paper and cardboard will reduce the amount of waste that your business disposes.

Recycling can save money by reducing the size of your waste dumpster or by decreasing the number of times that dumpster is serviced.

Reducing the amount of paper and cardboard that goes into a landfill saves natural resources and protects the environment.

If we can help you get started, contact Sam Perin at sperin@clarkcountyohio.gov.

Ohio Materials Marketplace

The Ohio Materials Marketplace is a free online platform allowing businesses and organizations to connect and find reuse and recycling solutions for waste and by-product materials.

Recycling processors, manufacturers, small businesses, construction contractors, artists, and others can find usable materials and/or find markets for their waste and disposal products, to join or use the Marketplace, visit the web site.


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