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  Great American Cleanup

We are now taking registrations for the Great American Cleanup, the annual volunteer effort to pick up litter and beautify public places in Clark County.

Anyone wanting to help keep our community clean and beautiful can sign up by contacting Linda Mitchell at 521-2023 or lmitchell@clarkcountyohio.gov. Or you can download a registration form at this link.

Keep Clark County Beautiful provides trash bags and gloves for each volunteer, plus disposal of trash, if needed.

The Great American Cleanup, which runs locally from March 1 through May 31, is the nation’s largest organized annual litter pickup, beautification and community improvement program.

You can see a map here of the places where volunteers picked up litter in the 2015 Great American Cleanup.

Donate your used hoses

If you have an old garden hose that's not usable, consider donating it to the Springfield Museum of Art for an upcoming exhibit.

Artist Michelle Stitzlein is working on a series of large-scale sculptures using old garden hoses. She can use hoses of any size, color, or condition.

Hoses can be placed into a box on the museum parking lot and will be accepted through July 2016.

Community Cleanup Trailer

The Community Cleanup Trailer is available to groups of at least five adult volunteers to use in cleaning up a neighborhood or public space. The trailer is equipped with lawn mowers, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, and other landscaping tools.

The trailer is made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Solid Waste District staff will deliver and pick up the trailer, and groups can reserve it for up to three days.

Call Steve at 521-2022 to reserve the trailer or go to the Cleanup Trailer page for details.

Take It to the Curb

The Solid Waste District has launched an awareness campaign to boost participation in curbside recycling, the most efficient and convenient method of recycling. Communities that have access to curbside recycling for all households see large increases in the percentage of people who recycle and in the amount of material being recycled.

For those who use the drop-off recycling stations, that's still a good way to recycle. A better way is to subscribe to curbside recycling through your trash hauler. The best way is for a community to contract with a hauler to provide trash service and curbside recycling for all residents.

To learn more about the campaign and the benefits of curbside recycling, please check out the web site, http://take2curb.org/.

Paper bins are back!

The green-and-yellow Paper Retriever containers have returned to our three drop-off recycling stations. Anyone using our recycling stations can use these bins for newspaper, junk mail, magazines, and catalogs. Paper is sold to the company that services the bins, which helps to offset the cost of recycling plastic, metal, and glass.

Rumpke will continue to service our commingled bins, which accept plastic, metal, and glass. A flyer from Rumpke about what they accept is here. Or you can see a YouTube video about Rumpke recycling here. For locations and more information, go to our page about the drop-off recycling stations.

Electronic newsletter

The Clark County Solid Waste District and Keep Clark County Beautiful send an electronic newsletter of events and reminders to any interested parties.

The newsletter comes out once a month by email only. Your email address is only used for this newsletter and will never be sold or given to any other party.

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What's the deal with plastics?

Many people ask why only certain plastics are accepted for recycling or exactly what is a No. 1 or a No. 2. Get the answers to these questions in a one-page Guide to Plastics Recycling.

Center takes batteries

Household dry cell batteries (AAA, D, etc.) can be dropped off free of charge at the Clark County Recycling Center, 1602 W. Main St. in Springfield, Monday-Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. These batteries will be recycled with other electronics.

There is no charge to residents, but we do ask that you bring in no more than one full grocery bag at a time. Please turn batteries in at the office, not in the drop-off bins on the lot. Handle your batteries responsibly by recycling.

Rechargeable batteries also can be recycled at our West Main Street office.

Drug Take-Back Boxes

Area law enforcement agencies are offering three locations for residents to drop off expired or unneeded medications. For details, go to News and Events.

Trim Your Waste - for residents

Learn how to achieve a 50% reduction in waste going to the landfill by reducing and reusing your waste and recycling what’s left. You’ll also find information on managing hazardous waste and composting.

Buy Recycled

Learn how to close the recycling loop by buying products made partly or entirely from recycled materials.

School Support

Information for educators, including waste reduction grants.

Business Support

We may be able to help your business reduce and recycle and even save on disposal cost.

Keep Clark County Beautiful

The mission of this Keep America Beautiful organization is to engage Clark County Residents to take pride, ownership, and responsibility for enhancing their community's environment. Get involved.


This section includes local disposal facility options and other useful links.