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Workshop for grant writers

The Ohio Environmental Education Fund is sponsoring a free grant-writing workshop on April 4, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the board room of the Clark County Combined Health District. The Clark County Solid Waste District is a local sponsor of the workshop.

The morning session will cover how to identify appropriate funders for your proposal and the afternoon will cover writing a winning proposal. Lunch will be provided by Olive Garden.

The workshop is free, but you must register in advance. Registrations will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. To register, email Dennis Clement at dennis.clement@epa.ohio.gov.

The OEEF provides about $1 million a year in grants for projects from $500 to $50,000 to enhance Ohio citizens' understanding of environmental issues.

A flyer about the workshop is at this link.

KCCB wins state award

Keep Clark County Beautiful received the statwide Community Award from Keep Ohio Beautiful in a ceremony on Nov. 1 at the KOB annual meeting in the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus. The award honors a KOB affiliate for its overal environmental program and focused on the mural project done in collaboration with Project Jericho.

Project Jericho worked with a muralist, Mariah Kaminsky of Durango, Colorado, and 27 young artists to create a mural of a young girl catching fireflies in bottles made of recycled glass. The mural adorns the front wall of the Solid Waste District facility at 1602 W. Main St. The District provides staff and office space for KCCB.

The mural boosted the visibility of our recycling and litter prevention programs and provided a visual symbol of renewal in a struggling neighborhood. Project Jericho reached out into the neighborhood by having the youth volunteers do poems, paintings, and photographs based on interviews with residents and businesses on West Main Street.

KOB gives one community award each year in three population categories. KCCB won in the 25,001 to 150,00 population category.

Policy Committee vacancy

The Clark County Solid Waste District is seeking to fill a vacancy on the district's governing body, the Solid Waste Policy Committee (SWPC). The vacant position is for a member to represent the public.

The committee meets at least four times a year and has seven members. The members review the district's activities, provide guidance, and vote on policy questions. The SWPC may meet more often during the 12-18 months the district is updating its solid waste plan. The latest update started early this year.

Anyone interested in serving on the Policy Committee or wanting more information should call the Solid Waste District at 521-2020.

New drop-off stations

New drop-off recycling stations are now available in Northridge and Mad River Township.

The Northridge station, located at 1539 Student Ave., in the parking lot of the Pappy Maine Baseball Field, is always open. The Mad River station, 7952 Dayton-Springfield Road, by the Mad River Township Service building, is open during daylight hours.

These free, self-service stations will provide bins for recycling of paper, plastic, metal, glass and cardboard, just like the three stations that have been in use for several years. For details about what we accept and how to prepare items, go to our Recycle page.

Cooking oil recycling

Not sure how to responsibly dispose of the cooking oil you used to fry some meat or potatoes? The Clark County Recycling Center now accepts cooking oil at no charge.

This service is available to Clark County residents (no businesses, farms, schools, or government agencies) during normal office hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Meat and other food pieces should be strained out of the used oil. Only cooking oil and associated greases are accepted. Other kinds of oil are taken as household hazardous waste, for $1.00 a pound on Thursdays during Specialty Recycling.

Cooking oil should never be poured down the drain, as it will congeal and clog pipes. Normally, residents are advised to put used oil in containers and dispose of it in the trash. Being able to recycle the oil keeps a usable material out of pipes and landfills.

G.A. Wintzer and Son Co., based in Wapakoneta, will take the cooking oil and use it in making animal feeds.

Electronic newsletter

The Clark County Solid Waste District and Keep Clark County Beautiful send an electronic newsletter of events and reminders to any interested parties.

The newsletter comes out once a month by email only. Your email address is only used for this newsletter and will never be sold or given to any other party.

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What's the deal with plastics?

Many people ask why only certain plastics are accepted for recycling or exactly what is a No. 1 or a No. 2. Get the answers to these questions in a one-page Guide to Plastics Recycling.

Center takes batteries

Household dry cell batteries (AAA, D, etc.) can be dropped off free of charge at the Clark County Recycling Center, 1602 W. Main St. in Springfield, Monday-Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. These batteries will be recycled with other electronics.

There is no charge to residents, but we do ask that you bring in no more than one full grocery bag at a time. Please turn batteries in at the office, not in the drop-off bins on the lot. Handle your batteries responsibly by recycling.

Rechargeable batteries also can be recycled at our West Main Street office.

Drug Take-Back Boxes

Area law enforcement agencies are offering three locations for residents to drop off expired or unneeded medications. For details, go to News and Events.

Trim Your Waste - for residents

Learn how to achieve a 50% reduction in waste going to the landfill by reducing and reusing your waste and recycling what’s left. You’ll also find information on managing hazardous waste and composting.

Buy Recycled

Learn how to close the recycling loop by buying products made partly or entirely from recycled materials.

School Support

Information for educators, including waste reduction grants.

Business Support

We may be able to help your business reduce and recycle and even save on disposal cost.

Keep Clark County Beautiful

The mission of this Keep America Beautiful organization is to engage Clark County Residents to take pride, ownership, and responsibility for enhancing their community's environment. Get involved.


This section includes local disposal facility options and other useful links.